Welcome to the College Health Surveillance Network

The information presented here, abstracted from the College Health Surveillance Network (CHSN), provides a current glimpse into the health concerns of students attending 4-year universities in the United States. CHSN, a project supported by the CDC and the University of Virginia, provides the first national database specific to the epidemiologic trends and health service utilization for college students. To view an overview with CHSN's Executive Director, please click here

For the last decade, students enrolled in colleges and universities have consistently represented more than one-third of the young adult population of the United States. Currently over 18 million students are enrolled in American institutions of higher education (IHEs).  Only 10.6% of the 105,781 students surveyed at 129 IHEs reported living at home (Spring 2011 ACHA-NCHA survey). Despite the fact that Student Health Centers are the primary source of health services for this large and important segment of the United States, there has been no national database of health related information for this population. In an era in which health policies and plans are typically guided by data, we remain relatively blind to information about the diagnoses, epidemiologic trends and health care needs of young adults attending colleges and universities. This project establishes the necessary foundation for identifying the health concerns and preventive health needs of college students as a unique population. For questions, please contact CHSN

Currently, twenty-one 4-year universities, from all geographic regions of the United States, contribute data monthly to CHSN. All data is abstracted from the de-identified electronic medical records maintained by the Student Health Center at each university. Each university uploads current data monthly.

Click on Data to access the interactive public website for CHSN. You can explore trends in use of college health services since January 1, 2011, by geographic region of the participating schools; and by sex, age group and ethnicity of the enrolled students. The use of the website is very intuitive, but you will also find an Instructions tab that steps you through using the information.

The tables below describe the characteristics of the CHSN sample.